Freddy Leggings

Freddy Leggings (By Freddy Jeans): My HONEST 2018 Style

Quick review: so-so. I feel that these pants (I ordered black leggings, not the jeans, as the leggings were half the price and yet promise the same butt-shaping effect and so I thought to try out something cheaper in their range first) are not all the hype promises. However, there is good and bad to them. I like some aspects of the cut and design, and some aspects are disappointing.

Freddy Leggings

Full Review: First off, I was super impressed with how quickly the delivery came. i ordered through the Freddy website as there is no store anywhere near me. But although I received an email confirming my order, I did not receive one saying when delivery would be, so luckily there was someone home when the courier came.


The leggings I ordered are R1 199.00 – about half the price of the jeans. I really wanted jeans, but I just couldn’t bear to spend that amount without being able to try on first, so I thought “If I like the cut and style of the leggings, I will then save up for jeans.” I am glad I did this, because overall I am somewhat disappointed in the Freddy leggings. Obviously I can’t speak about the “jeans”, which I believe are more like jeggings, not real denim, but the leggings have left me less-than enthusiastic, especially considering the price.

I have worn the leggings twice for a morning each. I really like that they are comfortable and that the silicone band on the inside of the waistband really does keep them up. Some jeans and pants of mine tend to get loose throughout the day and fall down. These remained as firm, tight and snug by the end of the morning as they started out. They are a little tricky to put on. The label says to put them on like stockings, which is the best way, but they are not soft as stockings, so I just gently tugged them on, like I would do with leggings or skinny jeans. I love that they are skinny pants and yet fit easily over my calves. This is a huge problem for me usually: I cannot find skinny jeans that fit over my calves AND are tight on my waist.


However, the butt shaping left me…confused. I liked that they did round out the look of my butt, however, the seam that goes under the butt on these pants also seemed to cut into my butt flesh a bit and therefore push out my saddlebags. By saddlebags, I mean the fatty part just underneath the butt cheek, which is my problem area.

I don’t know if the material of these particular leggings accentuate my butt-saddlebags more than the jeans-material would, as these have a sheen to them.

Freddy Leggings (5)

My husband says he didn’t notice the bunching under my butt at all – he says these pants made my butt look so round and good that he saw nothing else! So score on that point. But as a woman, you know how fussy you can be…and I feel that for the price, these pants should be miraculous.

The last major problem: and one that I am embarrassed to say, but I will say it anyway because this review is meant to be fully honest…the camel-toe! Unfortunately, these pants do give a bit of a camel-toe. I think it’s probably unavoidable, due to the fact that they are so clinging. Have a look for yourself.

I don’t know if ordering a bigger size would help at all, but I got a size small, and feel that they fit nicely everywhere else. I tried pulling the pants down, but with the butt-hugging seams, they need to sit a certain way, which results in the front looking a bit dodgy. Admittedly, a lot of tight pants do this. But the problem with Freddy’s is that you don’t want to cover up with a longer tee, because you want to show off your rounded booty. So how to do that and cover up the camel-toe? I wore a peplum top, hoping it would cast enough shadow and distract the eye.

Again, I don’t know if this is to do with the shiny material used, and whether the Freddy jeans would fare better in eliminating camel-toe?

Here are a few more pics of the pants for you to judge and see. I have mixed feelings and am not sure I recommend anyone just ordering Freddy pants without actually trying them on. However, they are very comfy and keep their shape and also, a huge blessing, there is NO muffin top due to the way the waistband, with it’s silicone insert, is constructed.

A last word of warning: if you like clothes you can just chuck into the machine, these are not for you!!! They come with a whole set of washing instructions: cold wash, no ironing, no softener, no tumble-drying, and dry flat only.